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Shed No More

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No one wants to deal with hair shed, and this is exactly why we love Shed No More Hot Oil Treatment.


This fenugreek and brahmi infused coconut oil works to repair and strengthen hair follicles and strands, as well as aid in combatting hair fall. These 2 ingredients each provide unique benefits that work to restore a healthy scalp, as well as deter itching and dandruff.


-Helps provide strength and nourishment throughout the scalp

-Strengthens the blood vessels which provides oxygen and nutrients that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss

-Alkaloids bind to the proteins in your hair shaft, to produce stronger, thicker hair.

-Helps treat dandruff and split ends


-Rich source of protein and nicotinic acid which aid against hair fall, dandruff, dry, and thinning hair

-Contains large amounts of lecithin which hydrates and strengthens roots and follicles

-May help with premature greying



To get the full benefits of this oil, treat your scalp to a hot oil treatment every week.

-Dampen your scalp, massage the oil into your scalp, and cover with a plastic cap. Leave covered a minimum of 30mins up to overnight.

-Shampoo your hair to remove oil, then condition.

-Follow up with a nourishing scalp oil such as AlexElyse's MANEtain Hair Oil



Coconut Oil, Fenugreek Seed Powder, Brahmi Powder